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Ashmore & Associates was founded in 2007. It is a top design firm in Bonita Springs, FL serving Southwest Florida and specializing in drafting, design, residential structural systems, and building permit requirements. With more than 30 years of design and construction related experience, our team is well equipped to accomplish any goal presented to them. We are dedicated to achieving customer satisfaction and strive to provide the finest service imaginable. We believe knowledge, honesty, and integrity are the grounding principles by which such goals can be attained. We provide our customers with a relaxed atmosphere that fosters trust and encourages the healthy exchange of ideas and information. Please contact us for more information about Ashmore [design].


Ashmore & Associates is comprised of a team of experienced personnel with backgrounds ranging from design, structural systems, construction and development to marketing, communications, technology, and administration. Our team and network of industry leaders is well equipped to perform a wide range of services by utilizing experience, education and innovative technologies.

Camden Ashmore

Camden is responsible for a variety of operations with a focus on business development. Customer satisfaction is his number one priority. His resourcefulness and positive attitude cultivate productivity and foster a healthy workplace environment. Contact Camden with anything you need.


Justin Horton

Justin has extensive knowledge and proficiency in CAD and structures. His steadfast work ethic drives productivity and defines being a team player. As a former Marine, we are proud of his service and thankful for his part on our team.


Carleen Young

Carleen assists with day to day operations and is often the primary point of contact through calls or e-mails. She keeps our team on track and moving forward. As a licensed Interior Designer, she provides excellent design insights to our team while operating her own company. Reach out to her if she can assist you!

Rod Ashmore

As founder of Ashmore & Associates, LLC, Rod is a third generation aficionado of the construction industry. His experiences include hands-on framing and construction, material production and sales, property development, and residential and commercial design. His friendly and personable approach makes him easy and pleasant to work with. Combine these things with his superior knowledge of the construction industry and dedication to customer satisfaction and one will find a formula for success.


Trevor Moseley

As lead designer, Trevor possesses a superior knowledge of construction techniques and building codes. He has a diversified background in drafting and design. His experience in dealing with various Building Departments makes him a priceless asset to the production team. If you have a question about building codes and practices, he will have an answer.

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